Over the past year, Megan Francois has grown from being a singer in her local Catholic church, to expressing her life and faith in her own music.  The pandemic of 2020/2021 helped her to reach out in the music industry and grow her talent as a singer. 

As the songs on her new album, "In My Mind" express, her life has been filled with many experiences that helped her become the strong, faith-filled woman she is today.  She shows her strong faith in the Country/Christian music genre where her  current songwriting has taken her. 

Her musical background has been mostly as a church choir member and cantor.  She has had performing experiences during her college career with the Women's Honor Choir at the University of Arizona.  She has also done television commercial jingles.

Megan is excited to continue this new path and is looking forward to continuing to write and record her music.

Photo Credit: Micheal Gomez Photography 



Song List


  • In My Mind
  • I’m Leaving You 
  • My Heart Always Knew 
  • It’s Worth Staying For 
  • Time To Put My Hair Up 
  • Wide Open Spaces 


  • Can you Hear Me?
  • O Holy Spirit
  • Watchful Eyes
  • Church Singer